Flum Gio Juicy Apple Tropical Punch and Tropical Punch Vapes

Flum Gio Juicy Apple Tropical Punch and Tropical Punch Vapes

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The Flum Gio Disposable Vapor Device is the latest offering from one of the leading disposable vaporizer brands. This premium model is eye catching, comfortable to hold and performs exceptionally.

While the flavor range isn’t as impressive as some rival brands, each Gio disposable offers 3000 puffs and comes pre-filled with 8ml of e-juice with 5% nicotine.

Juicy Apple

JUICI apples have a sweet-tart flavor that makes them suitable for a wide variety of fresh preparations. They can be eaten out of hand, or sliced and layered into sandwiches or fruit bowls. They also pair well with cheeses, fennel, kale, butternut squash, or radish. The apple can be shredded and mixed into salads, or cooked into desserts.

With a juice capacity of 8ml and a 5% nicotine strength, the Flum Gio Juicy Apple is ideal for someone who is transitioning to vaping. It is a draw activated device that requires no charging or pod swapping, making it simple to use on the go.

The Flum Gio disposable range is a little more expensive than some rival brands, but it delivers an impressive 3000 puffs and comes with a range of delicious flavors to choose from. Its unusual design is very eye catching and its compact dimensions make it a great choice for those on the move.

Berry Fusion

A fusion of dried berries and herbal goodness, this fruity beverage is a healthy alternative to juices and sugary drinks. Enjoy hot or cold, with a tangy hibiscus taste and sweet red berries.

Contains blackcurrant, cranberry and Hpnotiq liqueur. The result is a sophisticated and mature cocktail. Its unique taste and flavor combines both fruity sweetness and a slightly sour note, making it a complex blend that is perfect for drinking in moderation.

Berry Fusion is a great option for vapers looking for an energizing drink that’s also good for you. With a 5% nicotine strength, this flavor delivers a smooth throat hit with each puff and is available in a large 8ml prefilled eLiquid capacity that lasts 3000 puffs, much more than some of its rivals! These disposable vaporizers are a good choice for vapers on the go thanks to their compact dimensions and eye-catching design. They’re also not rechargeable and have a ridged design that makes them less likely to break if you drop them.

Power Bull

With its fusion of berry flavors, this e-liquid will tingle your taste buds and give you an authentic energy drink flavor experience that is sure to please. This beverage-inspired vape is also a great choice if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to your favorite sugary energy drinks.

The Flum Gio disposable is a newcomer to the market that is already grabbing a lot of attention for its unique design and performance. It features a ridged surface rather than the smooth texture found on other disposables, which makes them more durable and less likely to be dropped.

The battery on this device is a bit smaller than some of the others, but it still offers an impressive 3000 puffs. It also has a large capacity for 8ml of 5% nicotine vape juice, which means you won’t have to worry about running out of e-liquid midway through the day. This is another reason why the Flum Gio is a good choice for vapers who want to travel with their device.

Tropical Punch

Tropical Punch is a sweet and fruity blend of pineapple, orange, and cherry flavors that will make you feel like you are on vacation. This is one of the most popular Kool Aid flavors and can be enjoyed on its own or in recipes. It is also a smart addition to your diet as it provides tons of vitamins and minerals, including potassium, vitamin C, folate, and iron.

This innovative health supplement is designed to boost cognitive health and help you focus better. It uses cutting-edge Direct-To-Cell technology to deliver essential nutrients directly into your cells. It is suitable for people of all ages and genders, including elderly adults who are experiencing memory issues.

These disposable vapes are eye-catching and come in a range of colors and flavor options. They have a ridged design that makes them more grippy than smooth surfaces and are less likely to be accidentally dropped or damaged. They have an impressive 8ml of e-liquid capacity and offer up to 3000 puffs.

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